Boot Camps / Retreats

It is our desire at Wildmen to serve…

2012-boot-camp-group-merged-small-framedOne of the ways we do that is by offering our experience in the area of conducting Retreats, Boot Camps, and Advanced Camps. For close to a decade now we have had the honor of introducing men to the freedom offered by Christ through these wonderful and powerful events. For many, it has truly been a life-changing time in their lives. There is nothing more powerful than a man’s heart set free.

Over 1200 men have gone through our Wildmen Boot and Advanced Camps over the years and we have learned what works best for us, and the minefields to avoid, as we pray, plan and execute these events.boot-camp-cliff-notes-version

We are offering our services to you. If you are thinking and praying about conducting your own Retreat or Boot Camp but have some questions, are unsure of the process, need prayer, or just need somebody to bounce ideas off of, we are here to help.

We will even pray with you about coming to your location and conducting a “turn-key” Boot Camp for you or physically walking along side you as you go through your first one.

We have the resources and men willing to come to your site to conduct a 2 – 4 day Retreat or Boot Camp with the ultimate goal of helping you establish your own local Band-of-Brothers in your area. Our two day (Friday night and all day Saturday) retreats present John Eldredge’s Epic, introducing men to the concepts of Battle, Adventure, and Rescue. This is followed up by your own local group going through the 8 week Band of Brothers series from Ransomed Heart. The goal is that at the end of the series, your group will want to continue on this journey together, meeting on a regular basis. If you should choose to continue, we can further assist with curriculum, and support.

If you have questions, or require more information, please send an email to: or telephone 423.504.9518.

The video below contains unscripted comments from guys who had just concluded our 2011 Basic Boot Camp.

The video below was used to advertise our 2011 Boot Camp, clips are from our 2010 Basic Boot Camp.