Promos for Boot Camps, Retreats, and Events we’ve conducted.
Advanced Boot Camp – 2013
Baptism of Jimmy O
Basic Boot Camp – 2012
Tammy McClelland – A Beauty Rescued
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John Carter writes a blog site named Between The Lines: Christianity for Misfit Christians
He wrote an article about us.

Wildmen: A Band of Brothers

It isn’t often that you see an independent, successful men’s ministry. I realize that some will say, “Hey, I’m in one!” A few more will say, “Well, we’ve got a good one at my church.” I’m glad you do. Really. But I’ve lost count of the number of Christian women who talk to me with That Look behind their eyes. They have That Look when the men in their lives don’t have much connection with Jesus or even Christian men…

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From John Bevere to the Wildmen
Check out this video message from Christian author, John Bevere, to the Wildmen in Florida!

From Steve Farrar to the Wildmen
And, check out this other video message from Christian author, Steve Farrar, to the Wildmen in Florida!

Wildmen’s own RV Brown on local TV
Channel 8’s Michelle Beardon did a feature story on R.V.Brown’s at Wildmen. Check it out here: