There’s an App for that

18 09 2013

google_playWe now have a Wildmen app for Android phones. You can get it from the Google Play Store at this link. And it is FREE. It is a handy resource to access

  • Information about Wildmen Ministry
  • Popular Wildmen Videos
  • Locations
  • News Events
  • Helpful Prayers
  • Books we like
  • and more…


If you have an Android tablet the Google Play store will not display the app when you try to get it (some rather ignorant claim on Google’s part about it being incompatible or some similar rubbish). However, there is an alternative. You can download from the iBuildApp store at this link.

To get this into the Apple App Store would cost around $200. That did not seem like a wise use of our limited budget.

If you find the app useful, please leave a review in the Google Play Store.