Training the Soul

15 08 2017

The Art of Manliness, while not a Christian website, does at times have some truly phenomenal content. Today this appeared on their site.

Training the Soul

It is one of those times where the content is phenomenal and worth your time.



Landmines Session Nine

14 08 2017

Dr. Steve Farrar continues his Landmines series with Session Nine – Rejecting the Authority of Christ and the Scriptures. He goes after a few things that have become popular among some Christians in recent times.

The video is below

We have made notes for our own use. We’re making them available below (in PDF Format) if you’d like to use them.

This is the last session in Dr. Farrar’s series that we watched at Wildmen. There are a few more available on his YouTube channel if you’re interested.

Men’s Physical & Spiritual Adventure Weekend

26 06 2017

:​ Men’s Physical & Spiritual Adventure Weekend

Where: ​Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Wilderness

When:​ 6 a.m.​ on Thursday, Sept. 7, until 10 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017

One of our friends, Scott Morin from Empowering Ranch, will be conducting a retreat in September. It should be an amazing time of refreshing, growth, and adventure. For more information download this PDF file, and then contact Scott.

Landmines Session Five

17 05 2017

Dr. Steve Farrar continues his Landmines series with Session Five – Save the Boys and Girls

The video is below

We’ve made notes for our own use. They are available here in PDF format if you’re interested.

Landmines Session Three

3 05 2017

Steve Farrar continues his Landmines series with Session Three – First Principles on Marriage

The video is below.

We have made PDF notes for our own use, feel free to use them if you wish.

There are two other resources quoted from heavily in this session. We made those available also in PDF format.


Landmines Session Two

25 04 2017

Dr. Steve Farrar continues his Landmines series for men.

We’ve created some notes for our own use and have made them available here in PDF format.

It is worth your time.

Landmines Session One

19 04 2017


Dr. Steve Farrar started a fantastic series this year entitled Landmines – Walking Wisely In Evil Days. The Wildmen in Seminole have been watching this YouTube video series and have created handouts to go along with the video. The first session video Landmines – Three Landmines and PDF notes are below.

Landmines – Session One notes