Wild Thoughts #4 – Desire

15 12 2009

Recently Jan Broucinek was asked the questions, “What do I want? What is my desire? What has God placed in my heart? What am I designed to do?” The video below is the result of and answer to the exploration of those questions.

The video was recorded at a Eastern Allies, Tribal Council meeting in North Carolina.

Wild thoughts #3 Dragonfly

10 08 2009

Jan Broucinek recently had an encounter with a dragonfly. It flew into an open car window and then couldn’t figure out how to get back out. He noticed that we are like that dragonfly all too often.

To see the full content of the video, click on the play button above.

Wild thoughts #2 Mountain Air

13 07 2009

By our own Eric Jaqua. Recorded in Loveland, Colorado. We need God’s oxygen.

Wild thoughts #1 The Snowy Path

29 05 2009

We’ve started a new video series – Wild thoughts. Below is the first installment.