Men at the Cross – CHANGE

Men at the Cross – Venue Change

Men at the Cross at First Baptist Church of Indian RocksOn September 22nd the decision was officially made to move the MATC rally from the USF Sundome to First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks. The church is located at 12685 Ulmerton Rd., Largo, FL 33774.

The dates are still October 9th & 10th. The speakers are still the same, and the times are still the same. The only thing that has changed is the location. Tickets are still available at

See you there!

One thought on “Men at the Cross – CHANGE


    FOR ALL THOSE WILDMEN WHO WENT TO MATC: As we were walking out of the building on Saturday, one of the men at a booth commented what could we give the men to help them on Monday morning. I offer the note I sent a young man months ago:

    Most excellent, Matthew! Please consider this: whenever you present spiritual truth that requires a response for the truth to be experienced in your life, be sure to clearly outline the specific steps you take to experience that truth.That is the antidote for the Bakery Trap that religion falls in on Sundays. You know, you hear all about the bread and how good it tastes, you can smell the bread and your mouth starts watering so you can almost taste it, you look through the window of the bakery and can see the bread, BUT NO ONE TELLS YOU HOW TO COME IN TO THE BAKERY AND GET SOME BREAD!

    The steps to experience what your note talks about are:1) Recognize that every night when you go to sleep, your mind resets to its default setting which is the flesh.2)After you wake up, if you do not make a conscious decision to do otherwise, you WILL walk out of the house IN THE FLESH. The result wil be you will not be a happy camper.3)ON THE OTHER HAND, if you obey Jesus” command to deny yourself, pick up your cross daily and follow Jesus by praying “Lord I reckon myself as dead in the flesh because of what you did for me on Calvary” AND4)Ask the Father in Heaven for His Spirit to fill you so that rivers of living water flow out of your innermost being, THEN you will walk out the houseIN THE SPIRIT.5)During the day, whenever you begin to experience worry, fear, anxiety, lust, pride,… let that being a red flashing light on your dashboard that you need to haul ass back to the cross and repeat the process of dying to self and asking the Father to refill you with His Spirit. Over time, instead of being a redlight on the dashboard, the redlight will be an early warning device to alert you of incoming temptation. THIS is spiritual growth.

    Keep the good Word coming and be blessed!


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