Wildmen Wild at Heart Weekend results

We had close to 90 men attend the Boot Camp this past weekend. The experience was nothing short of amazing!  God showed up in a powerful way! The men had the opportunity for a radical, life altering encounter with God. If they were willing, he was definitely active. At the end of the camp, many of the men were shouting loudly about the freedom they had found in Christ!

Below are a few comments received from those who participated.

  • Awesome!!!
  • Would attend again and bring my son, my brothers and invite others.
  • I realize the importance of doing what brings us “fully alive” – not just what is needed.
  • I will stay in the notes, and not forget what God has done for me, and not forget what he has told me. I will be more on guard against the agreements that I make, and against the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.
  • Learning to live with complete abandon for Christ.
  • I’ve never experience anything like this EVER!
  • Meet to discuss, then change the way that I treat and react to my wife. To show my love and to not take it for granted.
  • Freedom!

And there were a LOT more comments. To God be all the praise, honor, and glory!

Please keep the men and their families in your prayers. Our enemy is not pleased with what has just happened. We just painted a bigger target on our backs, and on the backs of the men who attended. But our God is more than able to guard our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus our Lord!

One thought on “Wildmen Wild at Heart Weekend results

  1. The time with my brothers was awesome. I am praying for all that I met there that we change the men we meet and everyone who was there for strength against the enemy. God Bless the Wildman and what they do.


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