The Map

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For my birthday a few weeks ago I received a copy of David Murrow’s new book, “The Map: The way Of All Great Men”.

The book is excellent! I love how Dave Murrow wrapped the first part of this book in a thriller type novel. He managed to pull me in by the eyeballs. The first time I started reading I couldn’t put it down – literally. I looked up and realized that I’d been reading for about 2 hours, and it was now WAY past my bedtime.

Mr. Murrow does an amazing job of painting a much clearer picture of why men in today’s churches are so disengaged from the masculine heart that God placed within them. The author uses the metaphor of a map leading toward a destination at the top of a mountain – something most men relate to quite well. We are after-all visual in nature. The problem Mr. Murrow identified is that most men either don’t know there is a path to authentic Biblical manhood, or they have stalled on the path in a place that has left them incomplete, ineffective, and certainly not compelling. No wonder they don’t get asked, “Tell me about the hope that lies within you.”

I highly encourage you to get a copy of this book in either print or audio format. It is well worth it.

If you click on the book picture, on the left, it will take you to the author’s website which contains more information.

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