5th Tuesday – August 30

Our fabulous 5th Tuesday Celebration is coming on Tuesdsay August 30th at Calvary Chapel Worship Center in New Port Richey. This is well worth your time. You don’t want to miss this event! Clear time in your schedule now, don’t procrastinate and miss it!

See our newsletter 5th Tuesday invitation here.

There are four months out of the year that have five Tuesdays in them. We have designated 5th Tuesday as a Wildmen day of celebration. We gather all Wildmen groups, and allied men’s ministries, together under one roof for a time of; feasting, celebration, amazing teaching, and fantastic fellowship.

Special guest speaker RV Brown!

If you are a man anywhere in the greater Tampa Bay Area, you should be at this amazing meeting!

See you there, and don’t forget to sign up for Boot Camp!

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