The end of the beginning

The Wildmen Boot Camp was simply amazing! God showed up in so many unbelievably fantastic ways that were absolutely soul stirring!

We had about 110 men come, so the place was packed with men who were on a quest for the authentic faith that transforms and sets the hearts of men free. There were so many highlights; seeing men being set free from guilt and shame, accepting Christ for the first time, recommitting to their faith and marriage, forgiveness being accepted and granted to others, and the word spreading to others around the area. One group of young men went out for late night pizza one night and were so excited about their Lord that they shared the good news with a young couple at the restaurant, they are now Christ followers. Upon return to Dayspring (the retreat grounds), these same young men were sharing their faith in one of the public areas and several USF coeds overheard them, came over and started to ask deep questions about Christ!

24 hours later, we’re still in awe over all that transpired this weekend and are still processing it all. As we get more reports and media we’ll post them here and on our Facebook page.

All praise goes to the God of the angel armies. He is worthy!

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