Tammy McClelland DVD available

In 2002 eight men got together in a one bedroom apartment on Tuesday nights to go through a study called 40 Days of Purpose. At the end of that study they decided to keep going and started reading a book called Wild at Heart. From this small group Wildmen Ministry was launched. One of those first eight was Travis McClelland, Tammy’s husband.

Through his association with the Wildmen, by embracing the message of Wild at Heart, and Travis’ unshakable faith in God, a remarkable transformation occurred in Travis. His family was blessed to have a husband and father come fully alive.

His wife, Tammy McClelland, experienced what it meant to have her heart rescued, to have a man truly love her as Christ loved the church. Their daughters saw first-hand what to look for in a future husband. Their sons learned manhood, both strength and tenderness. Travis truly partnered with God, listening for his voice, obeying, following Christ.

In October of 2010 Travis was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. On July 25th, 2011 – 290 days after being diagnosed, Travis left his mortal coil behind and went to his reward.

In September 2011 the Wildmen Ministry conducted a boot camp based upon the message of Wild at Heart. The final day of this 66 hour journey started with a message titled “Rescuing the Beauty”. Just when the men thought the session was over, Tammy McClelland was brought into the room. Tammy shared, in both poignancy and power, what it looked like to be rescued, and revealed to the 110 men there how to rescue the women in their lives. As we listened to Tammy, and watched the men’s reactions, we realized that something extraordinary was transpiring and needed to be preserved. We had merely been recording the sessions for our own internal use. Hurriedly, we brought several more cameras online.

We are honored to present this DVD of Tammy McClelland speaking to the hearts of the Wildmen at our 2011 Boot Camp.

If you would like a copy, send $15 to Wildmen Ministry to our address below. If using our PayPal (Donate) button at the above right, the cost is $18 to cover the extra service charge. Any profits from this DVD go to the McClelland Family Trust Fund in Wells Fargo bank, Acct #2000053781154.

Wildmen Ministry, Inc. P.O. Box 450, Clearwater, FL 33779  – http://www.WildmenMinistry.com

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