Kindle the Kindred


Wildmen will be joining guys at Kindle the Kindred (an RTG fellowship retreat) Fri 31 March to Sun 2 April in Tallahassee FL at the end of this month. The registration is $90.

Register at:

Mark Woods will be hosting a program entitled “Kings and Sages” which addresses the walk, purpose and calling of men in the later two stages of the Masculine Journey as defined by John Eldredge of Ransomed Heart Ministry in his books Fathered by God and Way of the Wild Heart.

There is a lot out there to address the stages of the journey that millennials and middle aged guys are on, but what is there for guys on the other end of the spectrum, those guys who are now at the top of the their game, or in decline, or are nearing or in their retirement years? Kings and Sages is for you! God has a purpose and a plan for every stage of your life. Come discover what these two stages of life mean for you and those in your spheres of influence.


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