Never be the same


WoW, do I ever wish I could live in two places at one time. But there is no distance from heaven to our hearts, and there is no distance between our hearts. My affection for you and every brother I met is off the charts. I know that all of us will “never be the same” in an exceptional way! I know why Craig holds you in such high esteem. Keep on delivering the AMAZING grace you so powerfully taught at Boot Camp.

If there is any way I might encourage the guys there at any time, please let me know. Also be advised that I am available on the phone any time night or day and this is no idle promise. I serve my clients 24 x 7 and my brothers hold an even more important place in my heart than my clients. It is only, ever, always about relationships in right order, the job is just a way for God to convey manna into my part of the field.

I know that God is working in each of us to bring the peace that passes understanding and transcends all circumstances. All we have to do is to get the wax out of our ears and listen, then believe that since God is sovereign, He can do anything and since God is my perfect Father, He will only introduce the right things into my life to make me the best son ever. He loves me as much as He loves Jesus, so I intend to enjoy that and encourage everyone I meet to do the same.

Grace and peace to you in extreme abundance,


336.608.9894  cell    24 x 7
336.768.7911  office
336.768.6811  home
336.659.7911  fax

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