2011 Boot Camp – Cliff Notes version

Here is a very brief look at what we experienced in the 66 hours of our 2011 Wildmen Boot Camp. Well done men!

One thought on “2011 Boot Camp – Cliff Notes version

  1. This was a weekend, never to be forgoten. I went with my son Jeff to build up “my” courage to ask forgiveness. As a father wondering wether or not I did right? I was met with a forgiveness that I will cherish forever. I was also able to confront some other sins. With the Prayers from the guys whom where set to pray with us to the ” Man ” whom put his hand on my shoulder from behind and started to pray for me. In that moment, that time when, a “Man” was touched by Christ to come to my aid. I was truly Blessed beyond what I deserve. My son and I will never be the same, I Praise God for that ! The leaders are true deciples of Christ, we must keep them lifted up in Prayer also, the devil is always hunting them.

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