May There Always Be Enough

Book review – “May There Always Be Enough” – by Donald Jay
A St. Nicholas Story

Absolutely delightful story – well worth the time

I received this book as pre-release copy so that I could review it. I honestly didn’t know quite what to expect. I am pleasantly astounded at the rich depth, believable characters, and immersive environment that Donald Jay has woven in this tale of young Saint Nicholas.

This first book by Donald Jay is a masterpiece of historical fiction that belongs on everyone’s nightstand. I personally have been giving copies as presents for Christmas to friends and family alike.

The story of young Nicholas, “the Legend” who we know as Saint Nicholas, is beautifully written and filled with characters who are well thought-out, not mere place-holders to move the story along. They have such deep substance, that as you read, you begin to believe that they are real, and that you are an actual observer along for the journey of this marvelous tale. The locations are historically researched, along with the customs, the clothing, the foods, all of which combine to capture your imagination and keep you reading, wanting more.

I had read the first chapter alone and realized that my wife would likewise enjoy this story. So we’ve read it together. She said, “The characters are so believable that I can actually see myself in some of them. Relating to the characters is proof of a well-crafted story.” We alternated reading at times so that our voices wouldn’t wear out from too much reading aloud – it is that good!

I am looking forward to further releases by this author. Buy this book and read it with a nice cup of hot chocolate. You won’t be disappointed. Do yourself, your friends, and your family a solid, and buy them this book. It will captivate them as it has us.

Bravo Donald Jay! I can’t wait for more from this author.

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