Year End 2021 – We need you

Year-End Giving- 10K Goal! 15K Goal! 20K Goal!

Would you kindly consider supporting Wildmen Ministry this year?

In 2021 Wildmen provided quarterly zoom events, conference calls, men’s meetings along with support to ministries reaching men and their families. This fall men asked for “more”!  So in addition to the 2020-2021 online Boot Camp and follow-up, the 2022 calendar added an in-person event, Intensive March 20-23 sponsored by the Wildmen-West, Catalina CA. The Catalina-Intensive is in addition to the Wildmen quarterly online events, the podcast with Scott, the new Orders & Commands of Jesus study, the ongoing men’s ministry support and the addition of a new Wildmen event, Sons, Kings and Sages. In counting the cost for 2022 we are asking our friends and partners to share in the ministry. This year-end giving goal concentrates on these basic $25k costs. Thank you to everyone who contributes.

Wildmen Ministry will provide you with your donation receipt. The Trinity has outlined a full schedule for 2022 in which Wildmen intends to include you in this mission.  We join with you praying for the joy and confidence in Jesus Christ that only he provides in blessing you for all that you and your family are becoming as we look forward to traveling the narrow road together in the coming year.

Thank You! The Wildmen Ministry Team
Wildmen Ministry Inc., A non-profit 501(c)3