Landmines Session Three

3 05 2017

Steve Farrar continues his Landmines series with Session Three – First Principles on Marriage

The video is below.

We have made PDF notes for our own use, feel free to use them if you wish.

There are two other resources quoted from heavily in this session. We made those available also in PDF format.


Landmines Session Two

25 04 2017

Dr. Steve Farrar continues his Landmines series for men.

We’ve created some notes for our own use and have made them available here in PDF format.

It is worth your time.

Landmines Session One

19 04 2017


Dr. Steve Farrar started a fantastic series this year entitled Landmines – Walking Wisely In Evil Days. The Wildmen in Seminole have been watching this YouTube video series and have created handouts to go along with the video. The first session video Landmines – Three Landmines and PDF notes are below.

Landmines – Session One notes


Kindle the Kindred

2 03 2017


Wildmen will be joining guys at Kindle the Kindred (an RTG fellowship retreat) Fri 31 March to Sun 2 April in Tallahassee FL at the end of this month. The registration is $90.

Register at:

Mark Woods will be hosting a program entitled “Kings and Sages” which addresses the walk, purpose and calling of men in the later two stages of the Masculine Journey as defined by John Eldredge of Ransomed Heart Ministry in his books Fathered by God and Way of the Wild Heart.

There is a lot out there to address the stages of the journey that millennials and middle aged guys are on, but what is there for guys on the other end of the spectrum, those guys who are now at the top of the their game, or in decline, or are nearing or in their retirement years? Kings and Sages is for you! God has a purpose and a plan for every stage of your life. Come discover what these two stages of life mean for you and those in your spheres of influence.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

22 12 2016

Found this image in a wallpaper website today. After a few modifications…

May your Christmas be epic, and your coming year a Wildman’s dream adventure!

Live large for the King my brothers. He’s coming soon!

Excellent Words

14 07 2016

Clarence Thomas, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, recently gave the commencement address at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, MI. It is well worth reading and sharing. Click here to be taken to the text of his speech.

A Beauty Rescued

15 05 2015



At our September 2011 Boot Camp, Tammy McClelland powerfully spoke about “having her heart rescued” by her late husband Travis. How he, by listening to God and applying the principles learned in the book Wild at Heart, rescued her heart and that of their children, and in the process became the husband God intended him to be. The video above is a short trailer highlighting the full 48 minute video presented below.

A bit more background:
In 2002 eight men got together in a one bedroom apartment on Tuesday nights to go through a study then called 40 Days of Purpose. At the end of that study they decided to keep going and started reading a book called Wild at Heart. From this small group Wildmen Ministry was launched. One of those first eight was Travis McClelland, Tammy’s husband.

Travis McClelland


Through his association with the Wildmen, by embracing the message of Wild at Heart, the teaching of Ransomed Heart Ministry, and Travis’ unshakable faith in God, a remarkable transformation occurred in Travis. His family was blessed to have a husband and father come fully alive in Christ.

His wife, Tammy McClelland, experienced what it meant to have her heart rescued, to have a man truly love her as Christ loved the church. Their daughters saw first-hand what to look for in a future husband. Their sons learned manhood, both strength and tenderness. Travis truly partnered with God, listening for his voice, obeying, following Christ.

In October of 2010 Travis was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. On July 25th, 2011 – 290 days after being diagnosed, Travis left this world and went to his reward.

Less than three months later, in September 2011 Wildmen Ministry conducted a boot camp based upon the message of Wild at Heart. The final day of this 66 hour journey started with a message titled “Rescuing the Beauty”. Just when the men thought the session was over, Tammy McClelland and her children were brought into the room. Tammy shared, in both poignancy and power, what it looked like to be rescued, and revealed to the 110 men there how to rescue the women in their lives.

As we listened to Tammy, and watched the men’s reactions, we realized that something extraordinary was transpiring and needed to be preserved. We had merely been recording portions of the sessions for our own internal use. Hurriedly, we brought several more cameras online. The video production and audio is far from professional, but the content is captivating and life-changing.

We are honored to be able to present this video of Tammy McClelland speaking to the hearts of the Wildmen at our 2011 Boot Camp, and now to a much wider audience via the internet.

If you’d like to donate to the McClelland Family Trust Fund, you may do so by contacting Wells Fargo bank. The trust fund is under Acct #2000053781154.